10 Rules to Keep in Mind While Decorating a Living Room

February 26th, 2019

Renovating your flat? Want to upgrade your living area? Approach interior designers for home to give your living room a classy twist. Read this blog before you make a firm decision. Here are 10 rules to keep in mind while decorating a living room.

  1. Pick a theme:

Before you shop for your living room, you must pick a theme. Choose a colour, season, Tv-series or maybe even a city. The theme you choose will help you make wiser selections while you shop.

  1. Select a suitable flooring:

You could compliment your area with wooden flooring. Use marble flooring for a rich look and smooth base. Interior designers for home recommend carpets to elevate the look. An element of fur on the floor would give your living a wild look.

  1. Highlight your ceilings:

Most interior designers prefer designer ceilings. Use Plaster Of Paris for a fabulous roof. This not only looks elegant but also prevents leakages. Such a ceiling will also help add the perfect lighting. Use LED’s, chandeliers or even ceiling lamps with a designer fan at the center.

  1. Keep the space airy:

Wouldn’t you love spending time with your family in your living room? Then you must give the it space to breath. Keeping the living room airy is always a challenge. Make sure you do not overcrowd the area. Use bright coloured paints to make your living room look bigger. Elevate the ventilated parts of the living room.

  1. Blend comfort and elegance:

Your living space must ooze with comfort. Hence while selecting a sofa set, choose neutral colours. As the set often becomes the center of attraction. A neutral colour will help blend with any theme. You may also add vibrant cushions or covers.

  1. Use moveable furniture:

While decorating your living area use detachable furniture. This could help move  pieces and shift locations as you please. You could always exchange it with something in another room.

  1. Add a touch of nature and scent:

Decorating a home with plants and flowers is an ancient artistic feature. Interior designers suggest using scented candles to create a calm atmosphere. They also like placing indoor plants, flower bowls or even an aquarium.

  1. Showcase your collection:

While furnishing your living room, make sure to use different pieces of decorations from your collection. Place family pictures and a fancy wall clock. Enhance your coffee table with handcrafted  decor. You can also install a piece of modern art on your textured wall.

  1. Install trendy technology:

Often technology beautifully completes the perfect living room.To impress your guests and colleagues the latest technology could help. Install remote operated fans or lights. Opt for touch screen switches or electrically operated doors.

  1. Leave it up to the interior designers:

Redecorating your living room could get tricky. You may need help too. Don’t you wonder if there are any interior designers near me? You must approach one. Look up “interior designers near me” and choose from the list of interior designers. Professional help woud rid you from wasting your time and efforts.

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