Don’t let your small living room Interior design pinch your style. So what if it’s a tiny white box with zero crown moulding? Or it’s scarcely big enough for a regular size sofa? No matter how small, it can still look stylish whether you own or rent. Before hiring an interior designer for Your Living room.

Get ready to Pin all these tips.

When decorating a small living room, be sure to coordinate the colours to create unity

  • Hang your precious memories in unexpected places, like a window sill.









  • Lucite chairs seemingly take up less space because they are clear. They are great for a small living room design.


  • Angled furniture makes a small living room feel less segmented.


  • Extra storage below the coffee table and neutral colours are great decorating ideas for a small living room.


  • Don’t overdo it with the colour. A few pieces of bold colour stand out even more and look great.


  • One bold piece of artwork creates a focal point for the room and draws the eye upward.


  • Refinished and refurbished pieces can allow an old home to keep its original charm.


  • When choosing colours, whites and neutrals help keep a small living room feel less cramped.


  • Mixing neutral tones with a lively coloured indoor plant can provide a balance that both genders will enjoy.


  • Long, exposed legs and a minimalist style help make a small room seem bigger.


  • Keeping a living room furniture neutral allows you to mix up the decor for every season. This farmhouse living room used white flowers to freshen up the space for spring, which can easily be swapped for autumn leaves, winter berries and more!


  • Mount your curtain rods higher than the window frame itself. This helps make the window feel even larger.


  • The rug pattern and shape of the side table coordinate to bring a sense of unity.


  • Large built-in shelving saves space in a small room.


  • Keeping exposed legs on your furniture helps make a room seem larger.


Looking for small living room ideas? Don’t Fret. Puran Interior is an Interior designer company provides the best budget interior designers in Bangalore. Blog and Picture courtesy from: Shutterfly

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