8 Amazing Decorating Tips for Small Kitchen

October 9th, 2018

Modular Kitchen is more than just a space for cooking and eating, it is where all the action in the home takes place. While a small kitchen means less room for décor, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautifully styled. If you are redecorating, renovation or simply updating the space, Then we got you covered. All you need a good Modular kitchen decorating ideas keep it functional, organized and beautiful. Tailored down for your small kitchen.

Hang pot and Pans

If you weren’t blessed with cabinets to hide away all your tool, Don’t fret. Use simple hook and rods to hang or store kitchen  Essentials for easy access.

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Show off your cutting board

If your cabinets are too cramped to fit all of your kitchen gear, Put them on display. Layer them with as per architectural interest.

Modular Kitchen

Keep the kitchen Alive

Plants make everything feel happier—even small kitchens. Empower your Modular kitchen with houseplants, look fabulously situated on open kitchen shelves.

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                                                                               New Darlings 

Invest in flooring

In a small kitchen, tiles can make a serious design impact. Checkerboard pattern can be really eye-catching.

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Embrace the space

Unused space next to the fridge is the perfect place to tack up staples on a simply framed corkboard.

Open shelving  

Beauty and function all in one. Get organized and trade the top cupboards for open storage. Just make sure you don’t clutter them.

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Gloss it up

Try glass counter or tabletop, it can help a small space feel larger. As you know the drill white brighter but do wonders with something glossy.

Put your ceiling at work

Go for an industrial pot rack, if you run out of wall and counter space. It’s functional and stylish.Hence create a rustic look.

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