One of the best ways to change things up in the kitchen(also Kitchen Interior ) is to add fresh herbs. Getting herb garden started is easy. Firstly, choose a sunny part of your home. A kitchen windowsill is an ideal spot because it makes it easy to trim herbs whenever needed.

Now, let’s discuss which herbs are best to grow and what nutritional benefits they provide.

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Basil is known to calm nerves, and has a detoxifying effect.basil is a great herb to start from seed. It is loaded with nutrition.

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An aromatic herb grows best with full sunshine and frequent watering.

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A rich source of vitamin A, good to grow in a pot and also need a lot of water.

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Contains Vitamin A and C. Need low Light and maintenance.

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Belong to onion Family, can be snipped right from the plant and used in recipes.

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Prefer full sun, Perfect for garnish. Well suited for indoor growing because it stays small in size

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A staple for Asian and Mexican cuisines. it needs deep soil to thrive and a real challenge to grow indoors.

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The indoor herb that likes sun.More potent when it’s dried

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Flavorful herb isn't just for pickles! It's a great source of antioxidants

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