No one likes coming back to a house which is dark and depressing, especially after a day of struggle and chaos. A cluttered house with dark or mismatched colors could be the reason behind your mood swings and depressing behaviour. But, guess what?

You can fix this easily by making a few changes in your house interiors. Don’t worry, there are many home interior designers in Bangalore which could help you out with this task.

Just make sure that you meet a few interior designers in Bangalore before choosing the one which matches your requirements the most. Here are a few techniques that you can then apply to make your house look less depressing.

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Go for a Minimalistic Décor

Some of us like to add a lot of accessories in our house which can make it feel cramped and suffocating. Instead, go for a simple décor. Use only a handful of accessories to decorate your room and keep the furniture to a minimum to make the room light and airy.

Light Up Your Space

Let’s face it, a dark and dingy room will result in a gloomy atmosphere making you even more depressed with your life. But there is an easy way to counter this, simply open the curtains and let some natural light in.

You can also install several bright and cheerful lighting options to give your house a positive glow. Also, get rid of your dark and heavy curtains and replace them with light, cotton curtains for a breezy feel.

Use Pastel or Neutral Colors

Make sure that you don’t overdo your rooms by using too many bright colors in it. Instead, stick to neutral or pastel colors which will give off a calm and soothing effect to your room. The important thing to remember while redecorating is to keep your color scheme as simple as possible.

Stick to Just 3 Colors

Again, we can’t emphasize the importance of using a simple color scheme for your room. Even if you have a pastel or neutral colored wall but have decorated the room with an array of colors, it will have an overwhelming effect. This will make your room look small and cluttered and will make you anxious whenever you set foot in it.

So, it is better to just stick to 2-3 colors for accessorizing your room and maintaining a proper color balance.

Use Plants to Lighten Up the Room

Yet another great way to uplift the atmosphere in your room is by bringing a few plants in. They would not only be pleasant to look at but will smell great too, making your room more appealing to you and your guests.

Decorate your Bare Wall

Empty walls have a gloomy effect on everyone in the room. So, make it more cheerful by hanging a few wall hangings, paintings, photographs, etc. You can add landscapes or your holiday photographs for a calming and happy effect.

Arrange the Furniture

Most importantly, keep your furniture to a minimum. Only keep the important furniture items and arrange it in a way that there is enough space to move around. Trust me, this will go a long way in making your house look less cluttered and depressing.

Although a few of these tips can be implemented by yourself, it would be better to get a professional interior designer for an expert advice. Don’t worry, there are several budget interior designers in Bangalore as well so it won’t cost a bomb to you. And once they are done, you will certainly fall in love with your house and would have a hard time leaving it daily.

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