Living room ideas for the eye and for utility

November 25th, 2016

The design and style of your living room is the cynosure of any home. As the living room is the centre point to the routine activities of families. It requires a decor that is beautiful and pleasing to all.

Few rooms in the home are used as much as the living room. As this room is the centre point to the routine activities of families it requires a decor that is beautiful and pleasing to all. The design and style of your living room, which serves multiple purposes such as a space to entertain guests, watch a movie with the family, or relax while reading a book, is the cynosure of any home.

How do I decorate my living room?

A space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable comes to mind while considering different living room ideas.

When thinking about living room colours, some people go for super neutral or boldly colourful, better leave scope for flexibility. If you prefer to be neutral with the big items, like sofas, armchairs, and ottomans then be a bit bold with contemporary decorative accessories that way, you can easily change the colour of the small things whenever required. Similarly, if you want your sofa to be the focal point of the room then scale back the decor so that all are evenly balanced.

Also keep in mind decorating ideas, like curtains and rugs, which add flavour to the décor of the room. Lighting is also an important feature in the beauty of a contemporary living room. Whether you opt for overhead lighting, or table and floor lamps either one can be design features in themselves, as well as add to the beauty of other decors by their lights.

Position lighting according to the choice of artefacts you want to illuminate, also ensure to have a well-lit spot for reading-related activities. Paint colour can also change the light of the space; a room with little natural lighting may benefit from a light and airy colour, while one with sunlight may offer flexibility for leniency in colour choice.


What kind of furniture should I have?

Living Room Ideas

As living rooms serve many purposes, you’ll need a number of different furniture’s to cover all possible activities. First of all keep in mind available of space. If you have limited space, shelves, cabinets or drawers needs to be there to accommodate storage needs. Built-ins are the best since they are often customized to meet your needs and take up less space. If built-ins prove expensive, go for an entertainment centre or TV stand to house any electronics and accessories, or a bookcase to keep books, picture frames.

You will need seating options in your living room. Don’t cram a large sofa in a small space, sacrificing walking paths or storage space might create problems. You will certainly like to have enough seating for the home inmates, plus some extra seat for the occasional guests. Side tables or a coffee table is a must to serve drinks or snacks. An ottoman or coffee table where people can prop their feet up is a good idea in a contemporary living room, but leave this if the living room is on the narrow side and go for a deeper sofa instead.

In a large open-plan space, you have the liberty for everything from posh furniture to wall art or a large-scale design on soft furnishing fabrics or an attractive rug, zones for different activities so that an open-plan space works well.

Whatever your preference, the style of your living room is the reflection of your attitude towards life.

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