Watch you Rooftop Solar Panels Shrink you Electricity bills drastically

June 13th, 2017

Looking at the deteriorating environment and increasing concerns of people to save it, home designers in Bangalore now advice installing power saving mechanisms like solar panels on the rooftops

Rooftop solar panels have been replacing mundane electricity generators in Europe. But, this fad has not completely made its way to India yet. Looking at the deteriorating environment and increasing concerns of conservation, home designers now advice installing such power-saving mechanisms. Solar energy is renewable energy that comes from capturing the light energy of the sun. A well-sited solar system can generate two-thirds or three-quarters of the electricity consumed by a normal Indian household.

The economics behind it all

Electricity costs go down by one-third due to the use of solar panels

By default, the first reason that one would install solar panels on their rooftops is not because it is environmentally friendly but because they want to cut costs. Money comes as a first priority to many, regardless of whether the earth is at stake or not. In India in particular, though the number of people using solar power is insignificant, it has been estimated that electricity costs go down by almost one-third due to the use of solar panels.

From the environmental viewpoint, the use of such gadgets will also reduce the money that is spent to combat global warming every year, which is a hefty sum. At present, solar panels come in stylish designs that actually give an aesthetic appeal when installed on the rooftops. Solar power provides consistent electricity because there is nothing more definite than the fact that the sun will rise every day. Being a country lying on the tropic of Cancer, India has the advantage of bright sun throughout the year. This also reduces the monopoly of the fuel and geo-politically influential companies who hike prices at their own whims and solely for their profit

From the aesthetic viewpoint

It is a nominal trade-off and is also cost-and-energy–efficient to many middle-class homes

Commonly, people who install solar panels with the objective of saving on the bills should be willing to give up on aesthetic appeal because that is a nominal trade-off. By large, solar panels come in some basic colors only and are not specially manufactured with the aim of aesthetics. It has been shown that colored solar panels to match the person’s roof have had 20% decreased performance.

Progress has been made of course, but the only colors that are largely available are still black and blue only. There should be no harm in using the natural shades and they are more effective in nature. With Indian summers peaking, it is best to stick to the usual shades.

The jarring disadvantage

The sun does not shine for twenty-four hours

Contemplating all the money one would save with these smart appliances, there is one vital point to be noted—the sun does not shine for twenty-four hours. When the sun sets, the light energy is not available and the solar panels are rendered redundant. To top it off, this happens at night, which is a time when electricity is in high demand.

This would require storage batteries into the solar panels, which could store the energy for later use at night. A current lot of rooftop solar panels comes with battery boxes, which store the energy for the night. In urban households across Bangalore, such a method is most welcome. Ask your interior designer how you can set up this system to save money on electricity bills. The idea is worth trying this summer.

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