10 Tips That Can Help You Make Your Home More Spacious Than It Is Today

May 11th, 2017

Are you tired of the current design of your home? Or, do you feel it looks smaller?

Homes are of different shapes and sizes. Designing them is an artful task. The modern interior designing is aimed to deck up homes in such a way that space constraint is not a visible factor at all. Most of the people choose elegant apartments in big metro cities like Bangalore but end up in losing the space after the complete furnishing.

Do you feel that you stumble upon furniture in your home at every corner?

If you feel the four walls around you closing on you, then you must hire the best interior designers in Bangalore to help you in putting up the best home designs That will make your home look spacious as well as trendy. Smart planning and organizing can make the house feel more spacious. The perfect combination of interior designing and furniture alignment can make the home a perfect one.

Even if space is less, to bring out the visual space, the interior designers work like magicians working wonders in your home.  Many factors like the color, furniture, the décor everything matters when designing a home. All these factors co-exist to make our home beautiful and worth living. The popular metro cities like Bangalore has space constraints everywhere. Hence home interior firms come up with ideal match furniture to the houses to fit in well.

Golden Tips to Make Your Home Appear Spacious

Top-to-bottom shelves make rooms look taller

Design the shelves in such way that it is filling the room like from ground to roof. It will make the wall space utilized well enough as well as makes the room look taller. Hence using a top to bottom shelves in your home help it look bigger and taller.

Use light-bouncing colours

Use colors that are very light as it helps the light to reflect easily. Dark colors do not reflect light. Reflection of light makes the room look bigger. Else the walls seem to recede. Whites, yellows, and cream colors are light-bouncing colors. Using them will make the room brighter and spacious.

Utilize every nook for structured storage

To save space, you can create storage above the door, hooks behind doors etc. This will save the clutter space and keep the things aligned clearly. Use furniture with inbuilt storages. Most modern furniture has a safe storage space in their cabinets.

Your home is not a dumping ground

Clutters make your home like a dumping space. Hence removing unwanted things from the home will leave you with ample space for keeping your stuffs.

Use convertible multifunctional furniture:

Interior designing has led to a different era of smart furniture in the market that saves the space. To accommodate everything in the space provided, you can use many smart furniture like a sofa-cum-bed, convertible bed etc. Multifunctional furniture makes the place not only appealing but also comfortable to use too.

Use furniture that will permit light and never block the path of light. The furniture should not be too big, so that it consumes not much space as well as it fits well in your space. Oversized furniture is not an attraction in your home.

Plan the size and position of windows

Windows must be well open and ventilating. The windows are the gateway to the natural light to enter the home. Hence the windows must be placed rightly, causing the light to enter the home. Leaving them uncovered would be ideal way to let the light inside.

Lighter colors on the ceiling

Either paint the ceiling with some elegant looking colors or use wallpapers that will call the eye upwards. Such tactics will give roofs a taller look.

Plan the match of flooring and walls

Using the same flooring across will make the room look more spacious. Rather than using different types of tile, use vertical ones on walls. Balance dark flooring with lighter shades on the wall. This will help to make the home appear spacious.

It’s tricky; you’ll need the right people

Interior designing is very tricky. Hence approaching the right kind of interior designers is a must to keep your dream home look elegant. A poor design will lead to a congested home that will make it tough to live. To arrange or rearrange a home, one can consult a good interior designer. Most interior designers in the city of Bangalore have expertise in giving modern as well as vintage finishes to homes.

The interior designers play with the perception of mind and bring out designs that will truly blow the mind off. The illusions work well to create an impression that the home is bigger and has enough space. Making your home look roomy is easy for an experienced interior designer.

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