10 Tips to Help you chose the Right Furniture for Your House

December 7th, 2016

Choose Right Furniture for your House

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting experience. What makes it more fun is to choose the right furniture for your house that looks good and comfortable to live in. While you may think that it is the easy part, if you don’t plan right, you could end up with furniture you don’t like, and then there would be little you could do, once you have set up the house.

Here is a list of things to check before getting your furniture.

1. Choose furniture according to the size of the room and its color: Before you go furniture shopping, measure the dimensions of your room so you don’t end up getting something too small or too big. If you are confused about what will go with the color of the wall, consider buying warm woodsy furniture as that goes well with all colors.

Choose the Right Furniture for Your House

2. Understand the basic furniture need first: Make a list of indispensable furniture pieces and another list for the fancy pieces you want to buy. This will help you to focus on your basic requirements. Once you have covered that, you can go for decorative elements to enhance the look.

3. Think of a suitable theme to be minimalistic with the furniture: Theme-based furniture setting helps you do more in less. It is cost-effective yet trendy. Going with the minimalistic concept will help you in eliminating useless pieces and focus on what is really needed.

4. Decide what activities you would mostly do in your home: If you are a reading person, it is a good move to buy a side chair for your bedroom that will add up to the corner look.

5. Choose dirt and stain resistant fabric for your living and bedroom: With friends and relatives coming to your home often, your furniture could get stained. If you do not wish to spend much a lot of money on maintenance, buy a good stain-resistant fabric that is easy to wash.

6. Build a space for children: Children do not like to sit at one place. They love playing around. Keeping that in mind, try to build an open space for children’s room.

7. Do not buy sharp-edged furniture: We often get hit by the corners of our beds and dining tables, when in a hurry or in low lights. It is advisable to buy no sharp-edged furniture at all.

8. Do consider comfy furniture for an elderly person at home: Elderly people need comfort over style. Buy cozy furniture for them to take those small energizing naps on.

9. Do not overload the room with bulky and large furniture sets: Everything should complement everything in the room is the thumb rule. Do not overdo the ambiance by adding unnecessary furniture.

10. Buy durable furniture: Lastly, it is very important to check whether or not the furniture you are paying for will last long. Check the quality of the material used and the guarantee offered by the seller. The more durable the furniture, the easier it will be on the pocket too.

If you need further help, do consult an interior designer. There are many commercial interior designers in Bangalore who can help you buy furniture as per your requirements.

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