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June 21st, 2017

‘Antiques Are Evergreen But Choose Them Wisely,’ Says Expert Interior Designers in Bangalore

It is an undeniable fact that antiques do add finesse and polish to a particular living space. But a really old odd piece can ruin the old world charm too! – Says Puran Interior Designers in Bangalore

Scanning an individual’s home, more often than not, one’s eye is bound to fall on an expensive piece of antique. They have become a basic part of every household nowadays and they are treasured because of their value and quality. They come under the category of vintage decor. Regardless of whether one is an antique lover or not, they are bound to have some valuables at home that come under the antique category. It is an undeniable fact that antiques do add finesse and polish to a particular living space. But a really old piece can murder the old world charm too! So what should you keep and what to discard in the name of vintage decor is essential.

AntiquesAdd Value to the Surrounding too!  

These handcrafted beauties are the only tangible link left to another era of culture and heritage.

There are various unflattering synonyms for antiques like old, outdated and even obsolete. However, modern interior designing principles beg to differ. Each piece of antique has a story to tell. These handcrafted beauties are the only tangible link left to another era of culture and heritage. The weight of past conversations and etiquettes are trapped in these antique pieces. If meticulously handcrafted, antiques can stand the test of time, not giving in to breakage and easy damages. Apart from these obvious plus points, antiques can also be considered as an investment. An increasing number of people purchase antiques that grace the ambiance of their homes and then sell them off when they find that the profits they will make are worth the utility derived out of it.

Naturally Beautiful Too

Since antiques are crafted by hand—thanks to their intricate designs—it is implicit that they are also environmentally friendly. These relics are often sold and bought over and over again by different people, thus being continuously recycled. This prevents more raw materials from going to waste by making new works of art. This way you can also do your part for the environment.

The Aesthetic Angle

A timeless piece with beautiful lines and curves will never go out of style.

Antiques are not just time proof, they are trend-proof too. A timeless piece with beautiful lines and curves will never go out of style. They give a dash of contrast to even the most contemporary decor. In fact, it is the antique that will give a new light to all the modern furniture. Like a Gustavian barrel back chair will turn an otherwise monochromatic setting into something extremely unique. It is thus impossible for antiques to ever offend even the trendiest of fads that will ever come up in the future. Imagine, two swords crossed put on the walls. What a delightful war story they tell to the descendants in the house. But not all old things come with such power.

An Eye for the Good, and the Bad Too

When one buys something, they want its benefits to be on par with the amount of money spent, given that antiques require quite an investment and their upkeep can be a task at times too. Chances of counterfeits are also probable. But the potential gains outweigh the potential losses, and one might be inclined to take the risk and go for antiques because they have a lot to offer from the aesthetic to the economic point of view. Many curios adorn the living room. They are also placed in a glass cabinet or on open shelves. If the right piece is etched in the corner it can bring credibility to the room otherwise it will make the area look very drab.

Many Impressions of Drapes, Shutters & Curtains

Drapes are much more than just pieces of material that give privacy at night and keep the light out during the day. They can be a hallmark of a well-dressed window.

Going beyond their basic functionality, the type of drapes that are used in a particular room can change the entire aesthetics and energy with the right effect. The right selection is of utmost importance, and the task might be taxing and downright confusing. Drapes should perfectly fall in with the rest of the room decor without drawing out too much attention, and yet making a statement on their own. They can also be used with sheer curtains to make them look dramatic. Until now, materials like cotton canvas, suede, silk, and linen have ruled the windows of elegant homes. Now leather makes its debut, in style.

Fashion Your Windows

The climate usually dictates the kind of curtains and drapes used. Then the texture, fabric and other matching elements need to be taken care of.

Windows Drapes - Interior Designers in Bangalore

The six ways you can dress your windows—be it French, glass-paned, steel or wooden—are

  1. Curtains
  2. Drapes
  3. Shutters
  4. Shades
  5. Decorative accents
  6. Blinds

Each style of dressing needs to be thoroughly researched before. Ask an expert if you are not sure what will look good on your windows. Maybe you can use a combination of them. For example, if the sun is harsher in the living room then blinds and drapes can be used. Decorative accents look good either in the bedroom or living room. Shutters fit well with kitchen and bathrooms.

As we continue to explore new materials, we implore if black leather will be able to breathe in the living room area? Let’s find out, now!

Should You Try Black Drapes?

One can imagine a rock star having such a theme at home. Let’s see how well it fits for a regular home.

When it comes to black, people often think of the colour in conjunction with class and sleekness. It is one shade that never fails to impress and makes the most mundane object a style statement. But is that always the case? When it comes to black leather curtains, it is not for everyone. Frankly, it is a trend for a few quirky people to emulate. For one, they are really heavy and demand a lot of attention; curtains cannot be the main attraction of any living space. They do indeed create a great first impression but the main questions to be tackled here is ‘are drapes the only thing that makes up a room?’ Leather curtains cost a hefty amount. They do not go well with the hot and humid weather in Bangalore, they will tend to flake off and become a liability rather than an asset. An impression should be that of the overall room and not just concentrated on one aspect. So, unless you are very keen, keep the black leather for the boots or jacket for extreme winters.

Simplicity Works Wonders

Typical curtains might seem boring but they have their plus points. They merge into the room without taking away anything from it. They are more economical when it comes to maintenance. People who are not big fans of doing their laundry should go for usual curtains because they do not need frequent cleaning—just put them on and forget about them until the annual spring cleaning.

No More Boring Curtains

It can be concluded that it all depends on the room in which the window-curtains are being styled. Leather curtains would go with more elaborate interiors of a rock star theme. Go with your mood and make a statement. Don’t let anyone bring the curtains down on creativity.

The terrace garden in a duplex apartment requires unique organic seeds

Those who are blessed with a terrace garden need to utilize the space to grow some organic plants. If you have a duplex, try to put some unique seeds to make it a proud part of the home.

Terrace gardening basics

Adopt some basic methods that will make the terrace into a perfect greenhouse.  Urban dwellers can now make greenery alive by growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

 Most items, which are used to decorate the house, are inanimate. Yes, few may be arty but nothing beats the living plants that grow right in front of our eyes. It is also soothing to see that seeds sprout, grow flowers and fruits, and can be edible. Perhaps you should know if your terrace is suitable for mini-gardening. If your builder has been environmentally conscious, he would have already provided a terrace that will support the planting of seeds. Do you wish to cultivate plants or nurture seeds? Go ahead and attend a local mela called ‘oota from your thota’ in the city. Every three months it introduces new trends of terrace gardening.

Terrace gardening workshops in Bangalore

Terrace Gardening

Once you attend a workshop by experts, it will be easier to invest in this new urban culture.

In the words of India’s most prominent urban garden Dr. Viswanath,  ‘Treat the plants like your babies and they will give you amazing returns’. He is a veteran urban dweller from Bangalore and anyone can reach out to him for advice. Being a veteran, he says that in the past every house in Bangalore had a kitchen garden in the backyard. The culture is now being revived with terrace gardens and it is a huge relief.

Get the right space and experiment

Dr. Kadur who also works with Dr. Vishwanath says that taking care of plants is important. Learn to love them and gently experiment with techniques and things. Here is a checklist, which can be useful for people who wish to turn to terrace gardening. His efforts and information has helped almost 5000 terrace gardens to flourish in the city.

  • Ensure that the terrace is waterproof. The area should be water resistant and no leakage should enter other areas of the house or in homes below. Normally fibrous root plants work well for terraces. In the beginning, avoid plants with taproots.
  • Get the right soil, which gives nutrients to plants. Learn to mix soils yourself. Use compost, peat and also vermicompost. If the terrace is open, the monsoon waters wash away nutrients. Re-mix the soil so that the plants do not die. In summer watering is important.
  • Get seeds of tomatoes, brinjal or even potatoes to grow. In Bangalore, someone has also planted a coconut tree on the terrace! So, anything is possible!
  • Get the right containers to put the seeds. There are many good looking containers that are available and can be a decent investment for long term gardening practice.
  • The harvest time can be as little as a week or a month depending on the seeds planted. There are over 50 kinds of Tulsi plants to grow. It is a fabulous herb that grows in every Indian home.

If your bedroom does not provide repose then you need these important interior hacks

 A touch of Zen can be accomplished in creating a serene bedroom. When you wake up fresh, set your eyes on the most soothing features in the inner chamber.

Bedroom interiorsBedrooms are nurturing sanctuaries

Begin with a tex-mex color palette, well-travelled vibe and a mindful decor theme.

Some people already have ideas of their own or take reference from bedrooms of the well-heeled. For instance, how many of us know that world famous beautician Shanaaz Hussain’s bedroom has a satin pink theme for the last 40 years? It is here that she creates the wonderful Ayurveda beauty potions for other women to enjoy. A tranquil master bedroom or guest room can be a place not only for sleeping but also to get some creative ideas and to deal with the outside world.

Any professional interior designer will work on three things to get the serene ambience for this important room. One needs to have the right texture-mixture of furniture, mattresses, paintings and decor, to generate peace promptly. The walls will positively have an amiable color palette to stimulate sleep.

Mindful decor is now the latest drift, which brings a total Zen look in a boudoir. It includes items of Feng Shui or Vaastu, which add allure to the visual elements of the room. The same can also be applied in the bedrooms of teenagers or little restless toddlers.

 Create a retreat in the bedchamber

bedroom in decoWe spend nearly 12 hours in this space. Should it not have the elements of tranquility? Invest in the right mattresses and appropriate bed.

If you are in the course of redoing the bedchamber, then first make a checklist of things that need urgent attention. Consider these:

  1. Is the bed large enough? Tossing and turning in the night is common. You do not want to fall off the bed and get hurt. This should be of immediate concern. If the bed is creaking or noisy, get it repaired. It could uncomfort some guest who has been invited home for the first time. It is the most practical aspect of remodeling the room.
  2. Once this hands-on element is taken care of, then address the aesthetic side. The bed with a perfect headrest is ideal—reading a book in the night is easier, so is listening to soothing music or just talking about the day’s events. Check various websites or ask the expert designer to show some references to suit your budget and space.
  3. Mattresses are a core comfort requirement for anyone’s bed. Everyone does not need sinkers to jump into. Still good mattresses are important. Ideally they should match the upholstery of the head rest. If you enjoy lingering in bed on holidays, a side table with prized collection of books is a valued item to install near the bedside.
  4. Pillows are very critical to a good sleep. There is a large variety to choose from. Check out some which give the maximum comfort to the head, neck and then consider the ‘looks’. Accent pillows are only for ‘show’. Choose them carefully to match the rest of the décor.
  5. Large master rooms have canopies. They exude an old world charm. Install them if the room is big enough or there is danger from mosquitoes troubling. Clean lines of a proper bed are stylish and provide a solid support for sleep or for lounging.
  6. Soft lighting compliments the bedroom, almost always. The walls with a peach complexion add serenity to the space. Often feminine charms and guile pack a punch in this space with the right elements. Lampshades are also good alternates as part of the peaceful surroundings.
  7. Windows and doors should be ideally designed keeping the pouring sunlight in mind. Use of blackout shades and different drapes or curtains should be installed with the help of a professional.

Maintenance and general costs of terrace gardens

Everything comes at a cost; so does terrace gardening. You will need to buy the seeds, and other materials, accessories, equipment and tools. Do not forget maintenance is equally important.

In Bangalore a mini-garden will cost around Rs. 15, 000. This price includes the saplings, seeds, various containers, manure, compost and soil mix.

Why do professional interior experts recommend floral designs for different rooms?

 The only limitation is one’s imagination when it comes to floral designs for different areas in one’s home. Expert designs tend to add this charming leitmotif to any room with their sense of creativity. Maybe it is time for you to try it out.

 The beauty of floral print comes with its symmetry, simplicity and serenity. Every living space in a particular house has its own story to tell, which implicitly requires that it will have its own unique designs. In conjunction with all that, the variety of flower-patterned designs brings a unique charm to the drab painted walls. The only limitation is one’s imagination when it comes to choosing the patterns for various rooms in and out of the house.

Water prints are trending in 2017

Fluid looks lend a visual of movement on the walls.

Water prints are trending in 2017Eastern wall prints have water cascading like streams and are considered lucky for living rooms. If one isn’t a fan of extremely vibrant colors, floral water prints are the way to go. Being one of the top trends of 2017, it is bound to be eye-catching and subtle. It is unconventional and yet they blend floral and artistic aesthetics.

Alter the walls this year with this theme! Speaking of diversity, geometry and floral prints can be combined to let the walls exude modern look with a tinge of convention. This type of floral print is a little rigid but the irony is that it promises a rather sophisticated look. A truly free design is accommodated by abstract patterns. Abstract designs emphasize the use of color and a mixture of patterns. This can be used for any room and gives a little pixelated look, which is a feast for the eyes.

A metallic sheen is a bold signature

Matt finishes are passé. This year, metallic sheen gives an edge.

If an individual is adventurous and in a mood for something out of the box, a metallic sheen merged together with floral designs is a fantastic idea. This interlocks gives an energetic and glamorous touch to any room within which the principle is applied. ‘Dynamism’ is the word to describe large floral printed walls of this nature. This will be the first thing that any visitor will notice while entering the living room. The large-scale print can be further enunciated with more intricate detailing inside to give an exaggerated look. Such prints are usually made use of in the kitchen or the living space where open spaces are found.

The history behind Indian floral designs

From the Mughal court gardens to traditional temples and other significant rituals, flowers have always been an indelible part of the Indian culture.

Hence, it’s no surprise that these symbols of vitality and prosperity will also make their appearance in Indian architecture, textiles and interiors. What had started out as a fad mainly reserved for the royalty alone, has finally made its way to all Indians, regardless of their socio-economic status. This 350-year-old vintage trend is showing no signs of going out of fashion because it is a reminder of one’s Indian roots and the feeling of calmness. And any home in Bangalore embraces such an ethnic style of wall adornment.

Avoid going overboard

Flower power is not for style disaster!

It is a given fact that interior designing can be an overwhelming experience; but not going overboard is key. Floral prints are meant to be low-key, and any attempt to overdo this trend will lead to wallpaper that looks over the top and cluttered which will be the ultimately ostentatious. One should be clear about the end point before indulging in the process of interior designing.

Recreate Or Just Reface: What Should You Do When Renovating The Kitchen?

Kitchen DesigningKitchens have changed over the years even if its prime purpose has not. There was a time not too long back when kitchens were isolated utilitarian units that were meant just to cook in. Modern trends have led to things like gourmet and open kitchens.nvesting in a kitchen usually involves a great deal of planning and money. One of the biggest factors that need to be considered when wanting to change your kitchen is whether to overhaul or just reface. Given below are some of the reasons why one would need to do either of the abovementioned followed by the pros and cons of each.

Functionality- one needs to decide how good their kitchen is in terms of utility. Depending on the amount of change required, the kitchen could be refaced or completely overhauled.

Appliances- just like the aforementioned; the question is really about how much is needed.

Cabinets- Cabinets are the quintessential prerequisite in the kitchen. It is wise to have enough number of cabinets in the kitchen for storage space.

To stay or to go away- at times, kitchens are redone just to give it a better appeal before selling the house. Remodeling is not the option for this and a simple reface should do.

Money is honey- decide depending on the budget that one has in mind and can afford. An overhaul will cost a lot more money.

Wear and tear- whether to completely recreate or just to reface can be determined by the amount of deterioration that has taken place in the kitchen.

Outdated- again, whether to do just a facelift or a complete overhaul will depend on how modern the kitchen is and how useful it is.


  • My way or the highway- redoing the entire thing means that one can choose whatever design they want and can even increase the size of the kitchen. This would also improve the overall efficiency.
  •  Helps in becoming more energy efficient- this is probably the biggest advantage of an overhaul. It means that more modern appliances make their way into your kitchen. These all focus on reducing energy and hence reduce costs as well. 
  • Increase in home value- redoing the entire thing gives a significant boost to the cost of the home.


  • What pleases the eye may not please the soul- while the remodel may look nice on paper, it may not be the best once it is in use.
  • It is not cheap- while the kitchen may look rather nice after a total makeover, it does leave a huge dent in one’s wallet. This is a very expensive option and hence should be considered carefully keeping some the previously mentioned factors in mind.
  • Lengthy process- while the outcome may be as desired, the amount of input time required is quite a lot and the kitchen cannot be accessed for a significant amount of time.


  • Is a shorter process- not only can parts of the kitchen be used when the work is on, a reface takes much less time and could be completed over the weekend itself.
  • Lighter on the pocket- giving a facelift to things like the appliance and cabinets would cost a fraction of redoing the entire thing. There are enough options around to make even the pickiest of customers happy.


  • Does little for the benefit of the value of the home- while it is a known thing that doing up a kitchen increases the value of a home, a reface only slightly increases the value of a home.
  • Same components- these remain as they are, just an increase in aesthetic value.

Make You Bathroom Child Friendly And A Fun Place To Clean Up!

Little kids love to play with water. But when it comes to the formal bath they scream out loud and make a scene. As they grow up into adolescence, the screaming goes; but they skip the bath as much as possible. In many families this grows into ugly fights between parents and kids.

It is wise to care about certain psychological advantages of letting them have what looks and feels better to use, such as a bathroom, a pillow, things which they will remember as part of their everyday experience as a child.

How you can actually make your children fall in love with their bathroom:

children fall in love with their bathroom

  1. Not enough light in every corner?

Bathrooms are often not lit well in every corner, especially if you have an L-shaped construction or lack windows. Everything might be visible to the eye in spite of faint light, but even a beautifully done light-n-shade decor can be too scary for kids at times. Truth is we all felt afraid in the dark, especially when left there for a few minutes.

  1. Caring enough about the decor?

Give your kids something to look at in the bathroom. This one can really be a game changer. Sometimes, beautiful artwork and funny lines have kids thinking positive and wanting to be there. They do good to the brain and the talent of being able to imagine, much like an artist or a scientist of the distant future.

Another brilliant idea. Maintain consistency in decor, if not color, alongside the bedroom. It will help the kids psychologically to feel they are in their own space, secure and around people who seem to understand.

  1. Safety first!

The once-locked-in phobia can be easy to eliminate simply by changing the lock. Keep just a keyhole on the outside and a turn-knob lock on the inside. That’s for whoever is inside and whatever you need in case it gets too long your kid is not coming out or responding. All you then need is the door key. Keep it safe, especially if one of your kids plays the mischief extremely well.

  1. Are the walls and curtains a drab?

It helps your children to fall in love with the look and feel of what they ought to use every day. So let your bathroom-decor ideas flow. If you’re bored of Disney characters, consider printed bath curtains and a small window or two. Shine the day’s light on beautifully styled quotes. Surreal patterns also work well on kids during their early years. Your kids are likely to have similar inclinations as yours when they grow up. So sit down with your partner and understand what might work in your kids’ bathroom the best.

Use pop culture, upbeat colors, interesting lighting, adequate ventilation; anything that adds life to your kids’ bathroom is okay. Doing your bit for the bathroom decor may not seem necessary, but it helps to create a sense of belonging, a little enthusiasm and that magic of creativity at an impressionable age is.

Organised bathroom  

Freeing the clutter is of utmost importance to make space for what is necessary. Since bathrooms are used first in the morning early hours, the design and décor should be functional and more organized.

The bathroom is a place where one needs it to be a functional area for good hygiene and cleanliness purposes.  A clean and thoughtfully designed bathroom often relax the user and daily functions can carried out more conveniently. Putting things in perspective takes place here and that is why freeing the clutter is of utmost importance to make space for what’s necessary. Hence, get rid of all things unneeded, expired or otherwise becoming an obstruction to what is actually necessary. Here are a few tips of how to have everything at one’s disposal without having to step out of the bathroom.

Compartmentalize the Space

A usual bathroom is always segmented into three parts. Personalize it with your own unique style.

A usual bathroom is always segmented into three parts—the washbasin, the shower area and the commode. Products should thus be organized accordingly as well. Things like toothbrush, floss and mouth fresheners should be placed in the washbasin compartment. When it comes to toilet paper, it looks minimalistic and chic when stacked neatly in a woven basket beside the commode where it is easily accessible. The shower area could have a hierarchy of racks with the most commonly used products at the top.

Prioritize the Accessories You Need

Prioritizing products for self and others would determine their placements in the washroom. It is also a healthy and hygienic practice to follow.

Every individual has certain products that are meant solely for personal use.  Storing these products in cabinets over the sink with closed doors or adding cabinets below the sink area would help to avoid their use by others, as well as give the bathroom a clean look. One could also store extra products in these areas when they run low on space. This could be done for make-up, towels, hair products and other products that one would prefer to keep to oneself. Prioritizing products for self and others would determine their placements in the washroom

Show Versatility with Spaces

Utilizing unclaimed territories in the washroom helps to create space. Ask for professional advice if need be.

Utilizing the unclaimed territories in the washroom helps to create space. Urbanization has led to smaller spaces when it comes to flats and even smaller spaces when it comes to bathrooms. On the positive side, it has also given birth to a more efficient means of interior designing which maximizes storage and minimizes space taken. The ceiling is one such vertical space of area that can be attached with a multilevel basket for storing soaps, loofas and lotions that are used frequently while bathing. Using the doorknob or the space over the toilet as a foundation for caddies is also recommended for increased utility.

Make Use of Open Spaces

For ease of use and for style, invest in apothecary jars

In the event that the bathroom has excess space in the form of a vast basin counter, use it for some extra oomph! Invest in style and function with Apothecary jars.

Airy Bathrooms Are Neat

Turn it into a spa with impressive tiles and great designs

A bath space should look good with designer tiles. An airy bathroom prevents the feeling of suffocation and gives a neat look. This should be the first and foremost aim when planning or designing any restroom. Even having too many cabinets, clogged with multiple products may look organized but it becomes overwhelming and gives an exaggerated cluttered effect, which should be avoided.

Want to save on building materials? Use an experienced designer for economy.

There are at least four areas to save money on materials. Getting the most out of the least is the first priority to get a serious job done.

Regardless of whether one is renovating a home or building one from scratch, cutting back on expenses and yet, getting the most out of the least is always the first priority. Most people have a tight budget, which makes them think of ways to save money. That’s why it is important to hire an experienced design company, as they will not make mistakes. We offer some areas where money can be saved if you are building your own villa or redoing the apartment.

Experienced design companies have professionals in their field

Creating an office space which new generation will loveThey will only quote the amount that is viable without any extra costs

Companies that have many years of experience know where cost cutting can be done easily without a compromise on quality and utility. They have contractors with whom they work regularly. This saves a lot of hidden costs and increases trust between both the parties involved.

Experienced design companies are open to even unusual customer needs. Everything cannot be done on your own. Trust the skilled workers. At times it is better to be wiser by paying a little extra to the experienced person rather than making a costly mistake yourself.

Quotes are always negotiable

It is never advisable to go with the quote of the first interior design company

Even in a city like Bangalore, interior designing is competitive. Hire a company that fits your budget and has a track record of delivering in estimated timelines. A competent company would ensure that not only the cost of building is the lowest but also the cost of subsequent habitation. For example, they would suggest installing energy saving appliances, durable raw materials for flooring, and furniture that does not require extravagant upkeep.

Make your checklist for the professionals

interior decorators for residential projectsBasic knowledge of building materials required is essential. Once, you know what is required let the professionals do the job.

When a home is being made from scratch, there are various kinds of building materials required. They run from construction phase to the interior designing phase. Along with it even labor costs are added. Divide the work in at least 5 phases to ensure that you stick to the budget. Most builders offer the services of interior designers also. When you choose a designer connected to the builder, the cost of execution comes down.  A broad checklist should include:

  1. Construction materials
  2. Architectural requirements, blueprint, layout and drawings
  3. Approvals from government and local authorities
  4. Materials like cement, bricks, tiles, plastering, retention walls, landscaping
  5. Labor costs for inside and outside work

Networking helps to reduce costs

Seasoned design companies usually have high networking and they have well-established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

There are a plethora of local, state and central rules that need to be remembered while setting up a new home.

A new firm may not be aware of the nitty-gritties while a capable firm will have the nuances on their fingertips. This shows that hiring experienced companies is a great way to stay away from statutory fines for non-compliance.

Lastly, bulk discounts are given to design companies because they purchase raw materials in large quantities from suppliers. Only experienced companies will pass on this bulk discount to the customers. All this will cut down the profits earned by the company but increase customer satisfaction and guarantee immense savings on building materials.

Renovate Before It Rains

Rains are bearer of joy but with them they also bring mildew, seepage and blistered walls. The last phase of summer is the ideal time to renovate.

Bangalore has always been ravaged by the strong monsoon current over the past. It exposed the unpreparedness of the week structure of exteriors of the city and also our lovely homes. This year there is still time left to control the damage.  It begins with the home—the living room to be precise. If you manage to do the drill, at least there will be lesser collateral damage. Three things are important—repair, maintenance and waterproofing. To keep the living room in shipshape, the bathrooms and kitchens need not to be repaired. But prior to that waterproofing the terrace is mandatory.

Monsoon and the Testing Times

Rain test the waterproofing of your house almost every year. Imagine the kind of impact they have over time.

Let’s start with seepages. During monsoon, they are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Timely check of cracks and then taking prompt corrective measures saves one from the hassle of handling leakages under the carpet. Clearing the drainage system and checking for dampness of walls—especially in the kitchen and bathrooms—stops ugly stains from forming that also spoils the paint on walls and ceilings. They should not reach the living room from any corner. The wooden furniture should also be taken care of. If done during summer months, a fresh coat of wax polish and some oil on the doors and windows will not let them jam during the monsoon. Fix a date with electrician to check for wiring both external and internal and avoid any short-circuit caused by monsoon moisture. There are “interior design companies” that offer various sundry services to help homeowners to overcome issues that generally occur during the rains.

Making the Terrace Waterproof

Terrace water proofing

When it pours, the terrace bears the brunt and then the walls below. Make it mandatory to safeguard this space.

Bangalore has already seen how the ineffective drainage system can adversely affect the city. This is good enough a reason to make sure that the structure is safeguarded against rainwater. A heavy downpour can damage the terrace. It may also cause collateral damage to the structural integrity of the entire building. If you wish to save the living room, focus on sealing the terrace. Apartments right below the terrace tend to get damp which spoils the walls. The harm percolates to all areas of the house. The dampness also causes fungi to grow while spoiling the air quality at the same time. Only experienced and skilled professionals should be entrusted with the task of waterproofing. They will offer the right products to save the walls and other accessories in the house. A good sealing agent is used in areas that are vulnerable to getting damp often. It is advisable to even speak to your neighbors and check if their walls seep too.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance a Must

Regular maintenance and repair are required for every home, even if the best construction material was used.

Repair and maintenance is important as much as the upgrade. Even if the building has been made of the best construction materials, the rains will affect it, so will the sunlight—every day. Look for broken tiles and edges where ants have created their own space. Fix these spaces before the monsoons. It is preferable to not to sweep these issues under the carpet since it may cause a serious nasty damage middle of the monsoons. Corrective measures are always useful. But do get the professionals to do the work rather than hiring someone who comes cheap and causes more damage than good. Leave no stone unturned to renovate.

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