Rent or buy furniture for your home?

December 5th, 2016

Finding a rental apartment of your liking is not easy. It takes many visits to several properties, before you come across the right one. And once you have found it, the next task is getting the right furniture for your house. There are lots of options available in the market; you can either buy or rent.

Here are a few things that can help you in furnishing your home in the best possible way.

2 ways in which you can turn a house into a home:

There are two ways to get your apartment furniture-ready:

One, you can buy all the furniture you need. This involves a good amount of initial expense. If you, however, choose to buy furniture online, you might get an EMI option. Once you have paid the full amount for the furniture you bought, you can have its ownership. That also means that if you plan to shift cities, you would have to bear the transportation expenses or re-sell the furniture.

The other option is, getting your furniture on rent. It is a good option for people who move around a lot, especially young professionals. Renting is a great option for others too as it is more feasible to most than buying furniture. Besides, if you are planning to leave the city, you do not have to worry about re-selling or moving the furniture.

Buy or Rent a Furniture

Buying versus Renting

Here are some pros and cons of buying and renting furniture:

If you choose to buy furniture:

• You would OWN the furniture.

• It could be expensive on your pocket, and furnishing the house could take longer depending on your affordability.

• Moving your furniture to another city or house could involve significant expenditure.

• You will have to spend money on the maintenance of furniture.

• When you sell your furniture, you would never get more or even the same price you paid when you bought the furniture. You will have to settle for less.

If you choose to get furniture on rent:

• It is a budget-friendly and cost-effective option.

• When you don’t need the furniture anymore, you can return it to the renting company. The process is hassle free. In case of shifting, you can re-rent the same furniture, if you would like, for your new house or in a new city.

• Your will have the complete furniture setup within hours as most of the interior furniture companies help you in setting up too.

Anyone looking to furnish their empty house could go with either option—buying or renting. It entirely depends on your affordability and the kind-of job you have; if you move around a lot, renting makes more sense. It is also a better option, when your budget is low. But if you feel that you would rather pay monthly installments and buy a furniture than just pay rent every month, go ahead and buy your furniture. To keep the damages on your pocket low, you can start by buying the basics, and the rest, as you go.

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