5 Trend-Setting Design Ideas for Living Rooms

May 9th, 2017

Home is where your heart is. But is your heart where the home is? Or is the fast pace of life and paucity of time taking a toll on your home? As you usher in a new life, we suggest you ways to ensure that the living room of your sweet home gets sweeter.

The living room is a place where the family gets together and the guests join the household.  This space, whether you play in it, greet guests or plain relax, is a precious place in your home. So create a salubrious ambience with the proper décor.

To keep your homes lively, one need to keep a watchful eye over the various designs that are trending in the interior design domain. Many interior designer firms in Bangalore and other cities work according to the preferences of the client to bring out the best and showcase the most impeccable room designs.

Here are a few trend-setting living room design ideas.

Living room is where the eyes fall first

The living room is the first place that an outsider gets a glimpse of. It is usually treated in a formal way. Elaborate decorations sometimes overwhelm the room, giving it a cluttered feel.

Lighten up the living room space and make it welcoming. Use artefacts that give character to the open spaces. Wallpapers or wall ornaments can reflect your style. Traditional furniture pieces and antiques would blend in with an aura of serenity.

Colour the Mood

The colours you choose will determine the mood for the place. Proper colour tones can create a warm, soothing ambience, energizing you and your guests. Soft and cool colours like blue and white renders a cool and elegant ambience, and will also provide a spacious feel. This can be balanced with a light tan rug or centre carpet.

Flooring goes well with stones, tiles, wood or carpet

When laying the floor of your living room, keep in mind that it is an open space, and spread out a design that is comfortable as well as stylish. You can choose from a wide array of tiles or even go for carpets. If you want to give a pronounced feel to your furniture, go for a bold, neutral colouring. Hardwood floors are the norm in modern houses, especially when coupled with rugs.

Set a Focal Point

Setting a focal point in the living room will help to anchor the space in the room. Most living rooms have the television set at a proper angle to serve as a focal point. But you can vary it with an impressive painting or work of art or even a fantastic view.

A fireplace is traditionally considered as a natural anchor, representing the home and hearth.

Place Furniture for the Chit-chat

Since the living room is a place where people interact and communicate, arrange the furniture accordingly. Place chairs and seating pieces face to face and away from walls.

For a large room, you can create two islands of seats for a more intimate feel. Small furniture like ottomans and stools can be used to expand the seating circle to include more people.

Lighting creates the right ambience

Lighting is an important factor that contributes towards a soothing ambience. Ensure good distribution of natural light. Position light sources like table lamps, strategically to welcome people.

Below are some themes you can try in for your living room designs:

Contemporary style

This style is a combination of stones, metal, wood and other textures that give an urban pro look. Most of the accessories are designed in some geometric shapes adding a contemporary touch to the living room. Mostly natural textures and a combo of bright colors can add to the style of the rooms. Using a mixture of materials to deck up the room look classy is also a trend.

Statement style

Mixing a standout scheme with different colors and furniture in the room to give the room an exciting pattern is interesting. The rooms can be designed as per your taste and with a touch of your interests to give your personal feel to it. Thin wire framed items, antiques, and modern furniture can be added to the room. Putting up more geometric designs and shapes in the rooms would pep up the design. Sofa’s with colorful cushions, walls with paintings or photo frames, or even fitting stylish cabinets would be a great idea.

Classic style

This is a subtle combination of furniture and designs.  The color palette used here is light and very appealing. The furniture can be simple and designs that stand out for its classic style. The classic style looks more high-class with a pearly pastel. The combination of lighter shades to walls, furniture, and designs would make it look more modern. Many Bangalore home interiors have a good collection of antiques.

An experienced interior designer will help you to incorporate a design of your choice well within your budget.

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